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Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are among the most accident-prone of any Pennsylvania industry. Every year individuals sustain serious injuries in a multitude of ways. These accidents range from broken bones and burns to spinal and brain injuries. The worst injuries lead to wrongful death.

Job Site Accidents Come in Many Forms


Falling objects

Dangerous or defective tools

Crane accidents

Toxic fumes

Heavy equipment accidents


Inhalation injuries

Unprotected holes

Wall and roof collapses

Scaffold accidents

Defective ladders

Forklift accidents

Excavation accidents

Staging collapses

Crush Injuries

Eyesight Injuries

Noise injuries

Aggressive Philadelphia Construction Accident Attorneys

At the law offices of Aversa & Linn, we handle both workers' compensation (when you are hurt working for your employer) and personal injury cases (when you are hurt through the negligence of someone who is not your employer). Many of our cases turn on premises liability or defective products.

Compensation for Your On-Site Injuries

Serious injuries can result in expensive medicals bills, lost wages and extended periods of disability. Workers' compensation often pays for medical bills and lost earnings, but the workers' compensation system will not compensate you for permanent injuries or extended disability. Then it is time to consider a personal injury claim.

In construction injury cases, there is no substitute for knowledge of the law and successful experience.

Trial-Ready Work Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured at a construction site where you work or while visiting a construction site, Philadelphia construction accident attorneys at Aversa & Linn will seek compensation on your behalf. For a free initial consultation, e-mail them or call them at 215-751-1717.

If a loved one in your family died because of negligence at a construction site, our lawyers can discuss compensation for wrongful death.

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